SU-KAM 2.5KVA/48V Inverter

Su-Kam 2.5KVA/48V Fusion Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • ₦143,000.00
  • Save ₦42,000

The Su-Kam 2.5KVA/48V inverter is a 2.5kva output capacity digital pure sine wave inverter, large enough to power a sizable set of household or office appliances. The 2.5kva Su-Kam inverter is a 48v inverter, meaning that four (4) units of 12v  battery are required to power it. This pure sine wave inverter, which delivers the purest quality of power that's ideal for sensitive appliances, offers automated switchover to save you the hassles of changeover. Moreover, the automated changeover is also instant, meaning that even sensitive appliances will remain running without a break. Your laptop, plasma TV and other sensitive equipment will not sense a power break, which is excellent for their durability, in addition to the convenience you enjoy.
Ideally, deep discharge cycle, sealed, maintenance-free batteries are used. Longer-lasting flooded tubular batteries are also gaining wide acceptance. Battery capacity of up to 200Ah is recommended for better backup performance, though lower capacity battery can also be used. Please note that battery cost is not included above.
The 2.5 kva Su-kam inverter provides enough power for comfortable power backup for a home or office. Excluding high power consumption equipment like air conditioners, freezers and fridges, the 2.5kva Sukam inverter will take most of other equipment at home and deliver excellent power backup.
 This 2.5kva Sukam inverter runs in full automatic mode, delivering superior performance. It also offers instant switchover, ensuring your appliances remain on when supply switches. This product has a track record of stable operation, durability and extended power backup, meaning value for your investment. Your expenditure on this inverter is a long-term investment, promising huge savings in the operational costs otherwise incurred on power generating sets, over several years of use

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