Mpower 3kVA/24V Pure Sinewave Inverter

Mpower 3kVA/24V Pure Sinewave Inverter

  • ₦170,000.00
  • Save ₦25,000

The Mpower 3.0KVA/24V Online Interactive System is a smart solution for uninterrupted power supply which ensures prolonged power supply in your home and office. Providing smooth switch-overs, with no black outs. It features a high-efficiency. LCD display provide all info what you want to know I/P & O/P voltage, Battery level indicator in bars, Load % and much more along with LED indicator. It has an overload protection which ensures maximum efficiency of all appliances against load shedding. Longer backup of electronic devices like computers and laptops is guaranteed with the Mpower 3.0KVA OIS. For uninterrupted power supply in your home and office, make use of the Mpower Inverters. It is well-designed and has been built to deliver stable voltage to your electrical devices

If you are looking for a device which can charge your batteries in short time then go for Mpower 3.0 KVA OIS. It has fast charging current 20A to 40A.Wide I/P range. It has a sleek and compact design which makes it possible to place anywhere in your home. It can power electronic devices like televisions, home theatre systems, fans, lights, computers, fridge, decoder, and modem. The benefits of owning this highly efficient inverter cannot be overemphasized.

Key Features

  • Wider input voltage.
  • Fast charging capacity. Max.20A or 40A of charging current for choice.
  • Compact size for convenient use and storage.
  • Off mode charging function.
  • Provides overload protection.
  • Auto restart Function.
  • LCD/LED and display buzzer alarms.
  • Auto monitoring and managing battery.
  • Intelligent charge control.
  • Full automatic operation.
  • Improved battery life span.

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